How to solve issues with push notifications on your Android phone

If you’re troubled with not receiving alarms from the app Tryva – it’s most likely a temporary problem. Follow this guide to fix notifications not working on your phone.

Perform a test alarm

In the app Tryva you can perform a Test alarm to ensure you have the correct settings on your phone. You can find the Test alarm here:

  1. Open the app Tryva on your phone.
  2. Press ”You”.
  3. Press ”Try how an alarm works”.
  4. Read the information and start Test alarm by pressing ”Perform a Test alarm”

Note: If you recently downloaded the app – wait 30 minutes and try Test alarm again if it didn’t work the first time.

Check your battery optimization settings 

ATTENTION! The exact steps for the process depend on the model of your device.

ModelProblem solving

If you use Tryva on a Samsung:

Turn off battery optimization for the Tryva app: :
* Open settings -> Apps -> then the three dots in upper right corner -> Special Access -> Optimize battery usage -> Press the menu that says ’Apps not optimized’, then enable it on all apps and turn off optimization on the app Tryva.

For more information, read Smart Manager here

* Exclude Tryva from battery optimization on your device. Go to settings -> battery. Uncheck battery optimization for the app Tryva. 
Ensure that ”Restrict background data” is disabled. 


Ensure that Tryva is on the list of protected apps. 
Open system settings -> Advanced settings -> Battery manager -> Protected apps. Enable the button next to Tryva.  

For more information read here

LenovoEnable the Autostart setting for the Tryva app. Open settings -> Power manager -> Background settings. Change to ”Allow auto-start” for the Tryva app.
XiaomiEnable the Autostart setting to Tryva. Open “Security” and click to “Permissions” and Autostart. Ensure Tryva is enabled. 

Let Tryva send push notifications in several modes:

Go to settings -> Sounds and notifications. Press notifications and select to enable Tryva.

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